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Perhaps you are writing your first book, revising a previous book, or preparing a new book of discoveries, ideas and techniques, and would like help in making this formidable task easy and pleasurable.

Fine Tune Communications offers copy-editing that respects your style and suits the desired readership. We ensure that the text clearly conveys, and does not detract from, your point.

We are flexible to different formats and language usage.

In particular, you will benefit from

  • enhancement of your text and your message
  • consistent and reliable attention to detail
  • service at short notice, by telephone, fax or email
  • professionalism and confidentiality
Our prime editor, Angela Wingfield, advocates the importance of a high standard of written language. She is also familiar with Canadian, British and American English usage.

We work with you on or off site, on or off screen, using Microsoft Word or WordPerfect software.

We also oversee every step of book production from manuscript preparation through printing to delivery. To meet your design demands, we draw upon creative and versatile, out-of-the-ordinary graphic designers who have extensive experience in book layout, cover design, and audio books.


Fine Tune proofreads all manner of text, including Web site information, to ensure accuracy and clear communication. With an ability to spot what is missing, Angela Wingfield gives content advice and verifies that all the required components are present.

Proofreading of Spanish and French text is a special feature of our services.


“Readers turn to an index with a very specific purpose, to locate information about a topic. When that topic is easily located, the readers' needs are satisfied” (Nancy C. Mulvany, Indexing Books). Such an index can be one of a book's selling features. Bookstore browsers often turn to the back of an important book to see if their topics of interest are included, or to see what is included. Serious researchers and readers who wish to refer frequently to the text will be frustrated without a carefully prepared, detailed index.

The index is a reader’s avenue into the book. Fine Tune Communications provides diligent analysis of the text and, as a result, a clear, crisp index — a GPS (global positioning system) for navigating the ideas and facts gathered in the book. After all the author’s efforts to bring them to fruition we help the reader to fully appreciate them.


“Angela edited my script expertly, catering especially to my deadline. I felt that she was in my corner from the get-go — not only in fulfilling her job but in wishing the best for my project, as well.”

Paul Sargia, Scriptwriter

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