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Fine Tune Communications offers copy-editing services that respect your company’s style and are tailored to the desired readership, be it internal or external, customers, suppliers, or investors.

In particular, we copy-edit and proofread
  • corporate communications: press releases, financial results, annual reports, newsletters (employee and customer), media kits, bios — error-free and confidential
  • Web sites
  • speeches — easy to read; make your point, with confidence
  • conference proceedings, media interviews
  • conference registration packages
  • promotional materials: brochures, flyers, advertisements — with eye-catching language and composition, formal or informal (including content advice)
  • product catalogues, order forms
  • CD materials: booklet, tray card, label
Our services are provided with confidentiality, respect for your corporate image, and in a timely manner to meet your deadlines. We help to promote your company and its products or services.


Fine Tune proofreads all manner of text including Web site information, to ensure accuracy and clear communication. With an ability to spot what is missing, Angela Wingfield gives content advice and verifies that all the required components are present.

Proofreading of Spanish and French text is a special feature of our services.

“Senator J. Trevor Eyton appreciates Wingfield’s ease in talking to people, her organizational skills and the fact that she is ‘unflappable.’ ‘A lot of the time that last ingredient is indispensable; it’s a tremendous help during the tight moments,’ he commented.”

K. Homer, “Professionally Poised”

  Fine Tune offers
  • professionalism and confidentiality
  • an easy rapport with leaders in business, government, and the arts.
  • an ability to see what is missing from the text presentation
  • an ability to accurately represent in type what was originally verbal
  • an actual record of an event
  • effective communication of an idea
  • creative, promotional ideas
 We provide
  • service at short notice, on or off site
  • service only when you need it (therefore, no employee benefits’ costs)


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