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“Angela Wingfield has edited and re-written numerous client manuscripts and brochures for GPG, bringing her sharpened pencil and intellect to bear — not only in correcting errors but also in improving the writing style and expression. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, and frequently we have asked each other, ‘What would we do without her?’ Angela’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and high standards are refreshing at a time when mediocrity seems to be so prevalent.”

– Margaret MacQueen, Art Director

“Thank you for your detailed, thoughtful, and skilled editing work. We were tremendously impressed with the time and care you offered our work.”

– Matt Hern
, Big Moves

“You truly make the prose and poems shine with a grammatical and contextual sheen. Thank you too for feeling the words as I do and properly putting punctuation where it belongs and removing the extraneous marks. You are a great editor.”

– Rolland G. Smith, WWOR-TV
Stone Wisdom:
Poems and Commentaries

“I am extremely grateful for the copy-editing talents of Angela Wingfield. They have really made this a better book!”

– Stephanie Malia Horn
The Beautiful Country

“Special mention must also go to ... copy editor Angela Wingfield (who read my book with such empathy for the topic and attention to detail).”

– David M. Hertz
Eugenio Montale, the Fascist Storm and the Jewish Sunflower

“I wish to thank Angela Wingfield for her thorough and professional job as copyeditor.”

– Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Fetterly
Defence Procurement Reform in Other Nations

“Angela Wingfield’s singular focus and meticulous eye in the midst of different languages and transliteration systems were an inspiration. You will not find a more careful and thoughtful copy editor.”

– Rory Finnin
, Blood of Others

“I really appreciate her professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail. Assignments are always delivered on time and well done.”

– Wendy Johnston, Bryan Mills Group

“I thank, for many creative suggestions, my estimable copy editor, Angela Wingfield.”

– Hilary Bates Neary
A Black American Missionary in Canada

“I wish to acknowledge the contribution of Angela Wingfield for her stellar copy-editing.”

– Colonel Bernd Horn
Canadian Forces Leadership Institute

“This is the seventh book I’ve published, and this is really the most careful and detailed copy-edit I’ve come across.”

– Sophie Harman
, Seeing Politics

“I read the index from beginning to end, and it is truly excellent.”

– Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg
Pearson Peacekeeping Centre

“I tip my hat to Angela Wingfield, who has eliminated errors of grammar and prepared the index with diligence and expertise.”

– Gediminas Lankauskas
, The Land of Weddings and Rain

“It was a real pleasure to work with Angela. Her professionalism and understanding are remarkable.”

– Slav Gratchev, Co-author
Russian Modernism in the Memories of the Survivors

“Angela Wingfield edited and proofread the book, and it was an amazing experience to review the punctuation of the poems with so sensitive and intelligent an individual. It was a delight to see how a well positioned comma or semi-colon can accent and underline the meaning which sometimes hovers mystically somewhere between the printed word and the awareness of the reader.”

– Robert McAlpine, Excalibur of Spirit

Profound thanks go to the Canadian philosopher, poet, composer, and lecturer, Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, for his “fine tune” (50,000 hours of lectures) and for his mentorship in its transcription, editing, and proofreading. He has given me a wealth of experience and understanding of these skills; an appreciation of the beauty, resonance, and transformative power of language; and a new standpoint for discovering the purpose and meaning of life.

– Angela Wingfield
Fine Tune Communications

“Senator J. Trevor Eyton appreciates Wingfield’s ease in talking to people, her organizational skills and the fact that she is ‘unflappable.’ ‘A lot of the time that last ingredient is indispensable . . . it’s a tremendous help during the tight moments,’ he commented.”

– Karen Homer
“Professionally Poised”

“Angela edited my script expertly, catering especially to my deadline. I felt that she was in my corner from the get-go — not only in fulfilling her job but in wishing the best for my project, as well.”

– Paul Sargia, Scriptwriter


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