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Fine Tune Communications does just that — fine-tune your communications for clarity, accuracy, and effectiveness. We bring professionalism, enthusiasm, and sensitivity to your project, enabling you to realize your objectives on time and be proud of the results.

At Fine Tune Communications we are known for our consistency, creativity, and extraordinary attention to detail in copywriting, copy-editing, proofreading, indexing, and researching:
  • non-fiction trade books
  • corporate communications: press releases, financial results, annual reports, Web sites, newsletters (employee and customer), media kits, bios
  • promotional materials: brochures, flyers, advertisements, slogans
  • conference registration packages
  • media interviews, speeches, conference proceedings
  • product catalogues
  • CD materials: booklet, tray card, label
  • poetry


We tailor the language to your audience (particularly in the fields of social studies, urban studies, Italian studies, studies in gender and history, natural sciences, and finance) and use Canadian, British, or American English in modern or traditional, formal or informal, styles.

Our principal, Angela Wingfield, advocates the importance of a high standard of written language.


Fine Tune proofreads all manner of text including Web site information, to ensure accuracy and clear communication. With an ability to spot what is missing, Angela Wingfield gives content advice and verifies that all the required components are present.

Proofreading of Spanish and French text is a special feature of our services.


“Readers turn to an index with a very specific purpose, to locate information about a topic. When that topic is easily located, the readers' needs are satisfied” (Nancy C. Mulvany, Indexing Books). Such an index can be one of a book's selling features. Bookstore browsers often turn to the back of an important book to see if their topics of interest are included, or to see what is included. Serious researchers and readers who wish to refer frequently to the text will be frustrated without a carefully prepared, detailed index.

The index is a reader’s avenue into the book. Fine Tune Communications provides diligent analysis of the text and, as a result, a clear, crisp index — a GPS (global positioning system) for navigating the ideas and facts gathered in the book. After all of the author’s efforts to bring them to fruition, we help the reader to fully appreciate them.


Show your company at its best: “By your promotional materials shall you be known.” Fine Tune Communications writes copy for Web sites, brochures, and newsletters.

We are available on call, when you need us, without the concomitant costs of maintaining in-house staff.


“Angela Wingfield has edited and re-written numerous client manuscripts and brochures for GPG, bringing her sharpened pencil and intellect to bear — not only in correcting errors but also in improving the writing style and expression. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, and frequently we have asked each other, ‘What would we do without her?’ Angela’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and high standards are refreshing at a time when mediocrity seems to be so prevalent.”

– M. MacQueen, Art Director, GPG

  Fine Tune offers
  • effective communication of an idea or product feature
  • creative, promotional ideas
  • the ability to see what is missing from the text presentation
  • the ability to accurately represent in print what was originally verbal
  • an actual record of an event
  • professionalism and confidentiality
  • an easy rapport with leaders in business, government, and the arts.


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